Download our entire menu

Download our entire menu

    • Italian meat and cheese platter for two-three people39 zł
Italian meats/Italian chesses/honey /olive/walnuts/white grapes
  • Bruschetta14 zł
basil pesto/mozzarella/datterini tomatoes/basil/olive/salt/pepper
  • Beef Carpaccio25 zł

beef/capers/rucola/grana padano/olive/salt/freshly ground pepper/grissini

  • Calamari with shrimps23 zł

shrimps/calamari/shallot/coriander/wine-butter sauce/grissini

    • Creamy beer-cheese soup13 zł
celery/walnut powder
    • Creamy tomato-basil soup12 zł
    • Salads Caesar23 zł
grilled chicken/salad/datterini tomatoes/green cucumber/toasts/Caesar sauce/ grana padano
  • Grilled goat cheese salad25 zł
Mix salad/datterini tomatoes/grilled goat cheese/pear/roasted pumpkin seeds/ raspberry balsamico
    • Salmon gravlax salad27 zł
mix salad/datterini tomatoes/fresh cucumber/gravlax/vinaigrette dressing
    • Chicken32 zł
sous vide chicken breast with beckon and thyme aroma on potatoes puree served with butter-cardamom plum and carrot
  • Beef cheeks35 zł
beef cheeks on potatoes and horseradish puree with wine-mushroom sauce, served with boletus’ cups fried in butter
    • Pork tenderloin38 zł
sous vide pork tenderloin with golden, forest chanterelle mushrooms in cream, served with baked potatoes with rosemary plus caramelized beets
    • Salmon on black risotto37 zł
baked salmon on Italian black risotto island, with green beans, orange, pomegranate seeds and citrus emulsion
    • With chicken26 zł
risotto/chicken/chanterelle mushrooms/grana padano/butter
  • With salmon29 zł
    • With shrimps30 zł
black risotto/shrimps/datterini tomatoes/peperoncino/rucola/wine-butter sauce
    • Vegetarian25 zł
risotto/zucchini/pepper/red onion/rosemary/grana padano/butter
    • Carbonara24 zł
spaghetti/pancetta/yolk/pecorino/grana padano/freshly ground pepper
  • La Bella30 zł
tagliatelle/shrimps/zucchini/datterini tomatoes/peperoncino/parsley/wine-butter sauce
  • Tagliatelle primavera26 zł
sun-dried tomatoes/garlic/zucchini/spinach/wine-butter sauced
  • Chicken and spinach gnocchi28 zł
chicken/spinach/garlic/gorgonzola sauce
    • Aglio di Olio20 zł
  • Beef cheeks gnocchi30 zł
beef cheeks/boletus mushrooms/demiglace/peperoncino/butter/rucola
  • Tagliatelle with pulled pork28 zł
pulled pork/sun-dried tomatoes/capers/green beans/garlic/olive
    • BBQ with Belgian fries27 zł
beef/grilled beckon/salad/tomato/red onion/pickled cucumber/BBQ sauce/roll
    • Blue Velvet with Belgian fries29 zł
beef/gorgonzola/pear/salad/tomato/red onion/mayo-yogurt dressing/roll
  • Creamy tomato soup with gnocchi10 zł
  • Tagliatelle pomodoro16 zł
  • Chicken burger25 zł
chicken fillet/salad/tomato/red onion/pickled cucumber/cocktail sauce/fries/roll
  • Crumble with apples13 zł
  • Brownie with mascarpone mousse14 zł
  • Baked potatoes with garlic and rosemary7 zł
  • Gnocchi with butter7 zł
  • Belgian fries8 zł
  • Sauce4 zł
(tomato, honey-mustard, BBQ, mayo-yogurt)
  • Seasonal salad7 zł
mix salad, tomato, cucumber, honey-lime sauce
  • Green beans with butter8 zł
  • Grissini7 zł
  • Pepsi, Pepsi max, Mirinda, 7-up, tonic Schweppes 0,2l5 zł
  • Lipton ice tea5 zł
  • Fruit drink Toma5 zł
(apple, orange, black currant, grapefruit)
  • Mineral water (sparkling/still) 0,35 zł
  • Cisowianka mineral water (classique, perlage) 0,7 l11 zł
  • Fresh orange juice12 zł
  • Tea (ask manager about available flavors)8 zł
  • Espresso6 zł
  • Double espresso8 zł
  • Black coffee7 zł
  • White coffee8 zł
  • Cappuccino9 zł
  • Caffe latte12 zł


(diameter about 30 cm)
  • 1. Foccacia with garlic olive10 zł
  • 2. Margharita20 zł
  • San Marzano pelati tomato, mozzarella fior di latte
  • 3. Funghi23 zł
  • San Marzano pelati tomato, mozzarella fior di latte, mushrooms
  • 4. Salami Napoli25 zł
San Marzano pelati tomato, mozzarella fior di latte, salami Napoli
  • 5. Capriciossa26 zł
San Marzano pelati tomato, mozzarella fior di latte, prosciutto Cotto, mushrooms
  • 6. Siciliana27 zł
San Marzano pelati tomato, mozzarella fior di latte, salami Napoli, capers, olives
  • 7. Vegetariana27 zł
San Marzano pelati tomato, mozzarella fior di latte, mushrooms, grilled zucchini, olives, red onion
  • 8. Diavolo28 zł

San Marzano pelati tomato, mozzarella fior di latte, salami Napoli,
spianata, diavoletta, peperoncino

    • 9. Prosciutto di Parma28 zł

San Marzano pelati tomato, mozzarella fior di latte, prosciutto
di parma, rucola, grana padano

    • 10. Formaggio29 zł

Cheese sauce, mozzarella fior di latte, gorgonzola piccante, scamorza,
grana padano

  • 11. Portobello28 zł

Honey-mustard sauce, mozzarella fior di latte, pulled pork, red onion, pickled cucumber, chilli

  • 12. Frutti di Mare31 zł

San Marzano pelati tomato, mozzarella fior di latte, shrimps and
calamari marinated with wine and garlic, grilled zucchini, fresh parsley

  • 13. Tina29 zł

Cheese sauce, mozzarella fior di latte, chantelles fried with onion, gorgonzola piccante, chive

  • 14. Pera con formaggio29 zł

San Marzano pelati tomato, mozzarella fior di latte, goat cheese, pear, rucola