Da Marco is a family restaurant with many years of tradition – a place created for people who appreciate a unique taste and aroma of dishes, cozy interiors and a relaxed, moody atmosphere. The restaurant with a four seasons conservatory and a garden is located at Mogilska Street – away from the noise of the crowded Old Town, but still in the heart of Krakow.

The kitchen in the restaurant is open, so our chefs can be watched while preparing dishes. We have a free car park available to our guests and a playground available for kids.


Our rich menu is based on Italian cuisine – one of the most popular and appreciated cuisines in the world.
 All served dishes are made of carefully selected, always fresh products and original, high-quality Italian ingredients.

Homemade bread, fresh pasta, great and real Neapolitan pizza, excellent meat and seafood. Meat for main dishes, is prepared using the sous vide method. This is the key to maintain intact meat structure and the unique taste.

We focus on seasonality, adjusting the menu items to the season of the year. We cook with heart and passion. We kindly invite all gourmets – not only gourmets of Italian flavors.


Our Neapolitan pizza is made according to a strictly defined recipe and only from original, highest quality ingredients. We juicy San Marzano tomatoes, growing on the volcanic slopes of Vesuvius, extra virgin olive and creamy Mozzarella fior di latte from the milk of cows being grazed in the lush meadows of the Campania region.
The dough based on type 00 wheat flour, kneaded and portioned by hand, is then kept in suitable conditions for many hours.
Original Italian additions are not inferior to the quality of the basic ingredients – depending on the selected pizza: proscutto cotto (cooked Italian ham), spinatta (spicy salami), diavoletta (spicy smoked salami), prosciutto di parma (Parma ham) or scamorza (smoked white mozzarella ) emphasize the full flavor of neapolitans.
The baking process, lasting 60-90 seconds, is carried out at a temperature of approx. 480 ° C.
The result is a delicious, intensely fragrant Neapolitan pizza with a properly grown, soft, but also slightly crunchy edge.


Our pastas are made by hand, in appropriate heat conditions and optimal humidity. One of the key stages in the process of making Italian pasta is the aging time of the dough in a cool place.

Thanks to this pasta served in Da Marco obtains the required degree of elasticity. The final stage of production is the final drying of pasta in specially designed dryers.
A characteristic feature that our guests immediately notice is the intense yellow color of the pasta – due to the large number of yolks used per kilo of flour. 
We offer various pasta’s compositions to satisfy every palate.


The Da Marco restaurant tempts with wonderful Italian homemade desserts. Depending on the season or weekend, you can enjoy a delicate tiramisu based on white chocolate, crumble with apples, a mouth-watering brownie with mascarpone fluffy mousse or panna cotta with forest fruit sauce. The dessert can be supplemented with strong, truly Italian coffee, quench your thirst with original drinks and use the extensive Italian wine list.


with a four seasons conservatory in the center of Krakow

Restaurant Da Marco is a cozy and modern place. We have created a unique atmosphere in the glazed conservatory all year round, in which the climatic decorations are complemented by warm lights and burning heaters. Guests can also celebrate meals and discover the flavors of not only Italian cuisine among the brick walls of the restaurant’s thoughtful decorations. The whole is complemented by a quiet garden full of greenery and sun, in which you can relax from everyday matters with romantic music.


Da Marco is a child-friendly restaurant. So that the youngest are not bored, there is a corner with toys and coloring books, as well as a small library with fairy tales.
At the conservatory and garden there is a playground with a slide and a sandpit, where you can have fun on warmer days.

Children’s chairs and a changing table are also a convenience for parents.
In addition to the iconic margharita pizza, the menu for the youngest includes, among others tomato cream, chicken burger and desserts.


Restaurant near Tauron Arena – Mogilska 86, Krakow

The restaurant is in the vicinity of the Tauron Arena at 86 Mogilska Street. Da Marco is the perfect place to meet friends and acquaintances after concerts or sporting events in the Tauron Arena. Parking is available for guests with cars.

Italian restaurant with a climate conservatory

Kraków, Mogilska street 86,
phone: 12 346 23 38, 668 500 060

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